The prospect of electric vehicles

In recent years, extreme heavy rainfall, floods and droughts, melting glaciers, rising sea levels, forest fires and other meteorological disasters have occurred frequently, all of which are caused by the greenhouse effect caused by greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. China has pledged to achieve "carbon peaking" by 2030 and "carbon neutrality" by 2060. To achieve "carbon neutrality", we should focus on "carbon emission reduction", and the transportation sector accounts for 10% of my country's carbon emissions. Under this opportunity, the application of new energy vehicles, especially electric vehicles, in the sanitation industry has quickly received great attention.

The prospect of electric vehicles1

Advantages of pure electric sanitation vehicles
Pure electric sanitation vehicles can attract people's attention, mainly due to its own advantages:

1. Low noise
Pure electric sanitation vehicles are driven by electric motors during driving and operation, and their noise is much lower than that of traditional fuel vehicles, effectively reducing noise pollution to the environment. It also reduces the noise inside the vehicle and increases the comfort of the occupants.

2. Low carbon emissions
Regardless of the carbon emissions generated by the source of power consumption, the pure electric sanitation vehicle basically does not emit harmful gases during driving and operation. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, it effectively reduces the emission of greenhouse gases and heat, and helps the defense of the blue sky. and the achievement of carbon neutrality goals [3].

3. Low operating cost
Pure electric sanitation vehicles use electricity as fuel, and the cost of electricity is obviously lower than the cost of oil. The battery can be charged at night when the power grid is under low load, effectively saving costs. With the further development of renewable energy in the follow-up, the room for the decline of the charging price of electric vehicles will further increase.

Post time: Aug-30-2022