Scrubber 660 860

  • Scrubber Ride-on Scrubber Driers

    Scrubber Ride-on Scrubber Driers

    LX80 offers highest perfomance, best suiable for medium and large cleaning area.
    Complete substitute for a great deal of labor, disc type and cylindrical type for choice, side brush available as option. The advantages are as belows:
    1. Beyond old fashioned scrubbers, auto desigh concept, high speed with worry-free operation.
    2. 300 RPM outstanding scrubbing with faster two times than old fashioned one.
    3. Substantial power, max gradeability 30% for all kinds of areas.
    4. ECO power saving mode, maximizing up-time to above 5 hours.
    5. Heavy-duty cleaning performance especially for serious dirty area.