What are the agricultural machinery and equipment?

What are the agricultural machinery and equipment, and there are several aspects of the classification of agricultural machinery and equipment?

Small and medium agricultural machinery and equipment are the mainstream products in my country's agricultural machinery market. Most agricultural machinery is specially designed and manufactured according to the characteristics of agricultural production and the special requirements of various operations, such as: soil tillage machinery, planting and fertilization machinery, plant protection machinery, crop harvesting machinery, animal husbandry machinery, agricultural product processing machinery, etc. Wait.

What are the agricultural machinery and equipment1

Common small agricultural machinery and equipment can be divided into the following categories:
Power Machinery--------The machinery that drives various agricultural machinery and agricultural facilities
Agricultural electrical machinery mainly includes internal combustion engines and tractors equipped with internal combustion engines, as well as electric motors, wind turbines, water turbines and various small generators. Diesel engines have the advantages of high thermal efficiency, good fuel economy, reliable operation, and good fire safety performance, and have been widely used in agricultural machinery and tractors. The characteristics of the gasoline engine are: light weight, low temperature, good starting performance and smooth operation. According to the fuel supply in the region, gas generators fueled by natural gas, oil-associated gas, liquefied petroleum gas and coal gas can also be used according to local conditions. Diesel engines and gasoline engines can be modified to use gas fuels such as gas, or they can be converted to dual-fuel internal combustion engines that use diesel as fuel as agricultural power machinery.

Construction Machinery - Farmland Construction Machinery
Such as leveling construction machinery, terrace construction machinery, terrace construction machinery, ditch digging, pipeline laying, well drilling and other farmland construction machinery. Among these machines, earth and stone-moving machinery, such as bulldozers, graders, scrapers, excavators, loaders and rock drills, are basically the same as similar machinery in road and construction work, but most (except rock drills) are related to The agricultural tractor is used together, which is easy to hang and improves the utilization rate of power. Other agricultural construction machinery mainly includes trenchers, paddy plows, dredgers, water well drilling rigs, etc.

Agricultural machinery
Geotechnical base tillage machines are used for tilling, breaking or subsiding soil, including birch plows, disc plows, chisel plows and rotary tillers, etc.

Planting machinery
According to the different planting objects and planting techniques, planting machinery can be divided into three types: seeder, planter and seedling planter.

Protective equipment
Plant protection machinery is used to protect crops and agricultural products from diseases, insects, birds, animals and weeds. It usually refers to various machinery that uses chemical methods to control plant diseases and insect pests. Machinery and equipment used to control pests and drive away birds and beasts. Plant protection machinery mainly includes sprayers, dusters and smokers.

Drainage and irrigation machinery
Drainage and irrigation machinery is the machinery used in irrigation and drainage operations in farmland, orchards, pastures, etc., including water pumps, turbine pumps, sprinkler irrigation equipment and drip irrigation equipment.

Mining machinery
A crop harvester is a machine used to harvest various crops or agricultural products. The method of harvesting and the machinery used in the harvesting process are different.

Processing machinery
Agricultural processing machinery refers to the machinery and equipment for preliminary processing of harvested agricultural products or collected livestock products, and further processing of agricultural products as raw materials. The processed product is easy to store, transport and sell for direct consumption or as an industrial raw material. All kinds of agricultural products have different processing requirements and processing characteristics, and the same agricultural product can get different finished products through different processing techniques. Therefore, there are many types of agricultural products processing machinery, and the most used ones are: grain drying equipment, grain processing machinery, oil processing machinery, cotton processing machinery, hemp peeling machine, tea preliminary processing machine, fruit preliminary processing machine, dairy processing machine Machinery, seed processing equipment and starch making equipment. Multiple processing machines in the front and rear processes are combined into a processing unit, a processing workshop or an integrated processing plant to achieve continuous operation and operation automation between each process.

Animal Husbandry Machinery
Animal products processing machinery refers to various machinery and equipment used in poultry, livestock products and other livestock product processing industries. Commonly used machinery includes grassland maintenance and improvement machines, grazing management equipment, grass harvesters, feed processing machines, and feed mill management machines.

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