Features of Rotary Tiller

Introducing the Land X TXG Series Rotary Tillers, the perfect tool for homeowners, small nurseries, gardens and hobby farms. Designed to prepare soil for bed tillage, these tillers are sized to fit compact and subcompact tractors, ensuring you can work on any terrain with ease.


One of the outstanding features of the Land X TXG Series rotary tillers is their ability to achieve greater penetration depths compared to other reverse rotary tillers. This is because they move and crush more soil during tillage, while burying the residue instead of leaving it on the soil surface.

To achieve this, the rotary tiller has been designed with some impressive features. First of all, the transmission is a gear transmission to ensure its high efficiency and reliability. Made of cast iron, the graphite gearbox is durable enough to withstand any terrain. Second, the shape of the siding is laser cut, then perfectly formed and positioned for optimum performance.

In addition, there is a manually adjustable chain mechanism which adds to the ease of use of these tillers. Side guards are also included to prevent rearward deflection for increased safety during operation. The tilt height is also adjustable so you can personalize the tiller to your needs.

Another notable feature of the Land X TXG Series rotary tillers are the blades. In fact, the blade has been specifically tested for effectiveness and is a bestseller among customers. Powder coating adds durability, while labels are designed to resist water, moisture, mildew, and UV rays.

The rotary tiller is driven by a half gear and can be used with a tractor with 12-100 horsepower. No wheel marks can be seen on the dirt after work, which is very practical. The rotary tiller is high-quality and powerful, which is very suitable for dry and paddy fields.

In conclusion, the Land X TXG Series Rotary Tillers are a must-have for anyone who needs to prepare soil for seedbed cultivation. Efficient, reliable and easy to use, these tillers are a great investment for your home or farm. They are designed to save you time, energy and money while delivering high-quality results every time. Don't hesitate, invest in a Land X TXG Series Rotary Tiller today!

Post time: Apr-03-2023