3 Point Hitch Rotary Tiller For Tractor

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The Land X TXG Series Rotary Tillers are sized right for compact and subcompact tractors and are designed to till soil for seedbed preparation. They are ideal for homeowner landscaping, small nurseries, gardens, and small hobby farms. all reverse rotation tillers, tends to achieve greater depth of penetration, moving and pulverizing more soil in the process, while burying residue as opposed to leaving it on top.

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Operator can control the tilling depth with the adjustable skid shoes. A 17" rotor swing diameter turns the soil over faster, and enables deep tilling action.

Land X TXG 3-point Rotary Tillers are gear drive models with forward rotation, Cat. 1 hitch, plate steel A-frame and 540 RPM gearbox. include a 17" diameter rotor, 6 "C" shaped tines per flange, and a 7" tilling depth. The rotor is powered by a spur-gear drive in an oil bath with a heavy stamped drive cover. This Models are designed for compact tractors up to 60 HP.

LX TXG series rotary tiller, which is mounted with tractor by PTO shaft and 3 point linkage,is designed for 20 to 75HP tractors for Land X and other similar mini tractors.

This kind of rotary tiller cultivator can be performed as an alternative to plough. It is useful in that it effectively breaks up the earth, even uprooting crop residue, and therefore generally eliminates the need for additional soil preparation. It is mostly used as seedbed preparation, and ideal for homeowner landscaping, small nurseries, gardens, small hobby farms, or medium-duty residential use. Soil seedbeds for gardening or lawns.

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1. Transmission: GEAR driven.
2. Graphite gearbox is made of casting iron.
3. The suspension plate shape is made by laser cutting,molding location.
4. Chain device hand adjustable.
5. Side protection plates are added onto the rear deflection.
6. The tilling height can be adjustable.
7. The blades are under hot dealing and special testing
8. Use powder painting
9. Labels are:water proof, damp proof, mould proof, anti-ultraviolet radiation.
The rotary tiller with side gear transmission. The rotary tiller with side gear transmission, it can be mounted with the tractor 12-100 hp. We can't see the wheel tracks on the soil after it worked. The quality of the rotary tiller is good and the function very well. It is suited to dry land and paddy field. It can save time, labor and money etc. strong point.

Model Width(MM) Working Width(MM) Depth(MM) Power(HP) Blade(PCS) RPM Weight Packaging
TXG40 950 1110 180 20-35 24 540 147 1180*640*580
TXG48 1180 1340 180 20-35 30 540 165 1410*640*580
TXG56 1410 1570 180 20-35 36 540 179 1640*640*580

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